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Product and Care

Open Terrarium

Open Terrariums require a little more attention compared to the other Terrariums.

Keep an eye on the soil, if you see it's drying out or your plants look limp,  use a small watering can and soak the soil. Don't allow the soil to dry out completely at any time.

Fertilize with 1/4 strength liquid fertilizer once in spring, trim back as needed. Remove any dead leaves immediately. Never allow any mold to form in the Terrarium.

Closed Terrarium

This style of planting is great to sit in an area receiving filtered light.  This Terrarium is a closed eco-system requiring water as little as once every 6 months.  If droplets of water form on over half the glass, remove lid for 1-2 hours allowing to dry out...just a little! Never over water these Terrariums, as the roots will rot and mold will form. If mold spores develop, remove immediately with clean scissors.  This usually solves the problem.   


Tillandsia or Air Plants are nature little balls of joy. They live on the air circulating around them. Tillandsia need moisture, mist daily from late spring to mid autumn. In winter mist once to twice a week. Fertilize with a Tillandsia specific fertilize once each month. 

If outdoors protect from direct sunlight. Indoors keep in bright filtered light. Keep above 45 degrees any colder and the plant will perish.

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Succulents are a desert plant which come in many interesting varieties. When outdoors these little beauties enjoy sun-part shade. Inside, keep in a bright sunny window. It is easy to be tempted to over water these plants how ever they are from the desert...Splash with water when soil is dry, from spring to mid-autumn. The leaves of the succulent hold water in them allowing the plant to survive extended periods with out water. During winter months bring inside if in cold climate areas. Water only when soil is dry. Fertilize with a Succulent fertilizer as per manufacturers instructions on the package.

General information:

All Terrariums from Living Mi-Wey have been treated for gnats or white fly's. 

Great care has been taken to deliver a pest-free Terrarium.